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Rock drills - Epiroc. Epiroc rock drills are core components to your drilling equipment. To ensure the safest and most efficient operation of your equipment, we offer a full line of support specific to these technologically advanced and developed components.

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TEI Rock Drills is an industry-leading manufacturer of rock drill component that is available individually to contractors and drilling equipment manufacturers. Our drilling equipment components produce the construction industry’s most rugged and technically advanced soil and rock drilling platforms.

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TEI Rock Drills is the leading manufacturer of excavator drill attachments, rock drill components and limited access drill rigs. Our unique drilling platform incorporates innovative TEI drilling technology with the construction industry’s most rugged soil and rock drilling components.

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Standard logging consists of examining and recording the physical aspects of a well. For example, the drill cuttings (rock that is displaced by the drilling of the well) are all examined and recorded, allowing geologists to physically examine the subsurface rock.

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Exploration drilling is a deep hole application where the purpose is to collect the cuttings for analyses. Exploration drilling is in most cases done in remote areas far from normal infrastructure. Greenfield – focuses on finding minerals in previously unexplored areas. Brownfield - done within the mining properties or close proximity.

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AZoMining lists the latest drilling rigs and drilling components from some of the biggest suppliers in the mining industry. Get a quote today.

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Cable Tool Drill String Components: For a cable tool drill to operate the drill string must have these four components: • Drilling cable - lifts tools, turns tools, controls tool motion. • Swivel socket - connects cable to tools, allows cable to unwind. • Drill stem - provides weight, steadies and guides bit.

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Replace your old component with a higher technology version and benefit from improved reliability, ... Component upgrades; Rock drill upgrades;

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Choosing a Rock Drill First – it is important to understand that a percussion rock drill does not cut through rock. Each blow shatters the rock in front of the bit - the steel and bit then rotates slightly and it shatters new rock while air is blown down the center of the drill steel clearing the bit face and blowing the chips up and out of the hole.